Hannah Biver Counselling & Psychotherapy

I have recently moved to Sainte Maure de Touraine in France. I am now providing private sessions in the Loire Valley. I continue to work with clients in the UK and Europe via video calls.

I realise that beginning therapy can be a difficult and sometimes a painful process. It can be confusing trying to find the right therapist. If you choose to contact me – please be assured that there is no commitment. I’m happy to speak with you via phone or e-mail to answer questions you may have. I can help you navigate some of the initial challenges to beginning therapy.

I provide online and face to face therapy sessions for clients (16 years and above). My work is one to one. I have 7 years of experience providing counselling and psychotherapy sessions. I have specialised training in relationship therapy, addiction, sexual abuse, trauma and play therapy. In all my work, I have deeply valued the relationships I have with my clients. In therapy we have a unique relationship and I hope to honour the sacred trust that you extend to me.

Is there something in your life you want to take care of?

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