Before Beginning Therapy

If you would like to begin therapy with me, can I ask you to consider the following questions: Is it your personal desire to begin therapy? (...or is it a request of a parent, sibling, partner or an employer?) What are your goals or expectations for therapy? Are you able to commit to our meetings?


I know that the process of finding a therapist and beginning therapy can give rise to a lot of questions. This is completely normal. If you find that you have questions or are seeking some guidance, I am happy to speak with you via phone or e-mail to answer questions you may have. I recommend that you take the time to ask the questions that are important for you prior to beginning therapy. If you choose to meet with me, please know that I believe questions are also an important part of the therapeutic process.


I provide therapy based in Saint Saulve near Valenciennes. While parking isn't available on site, there is parking available within a minutes walk. The therapy room is on the first floor and is accessible via stairs (see my contact page for an image of the therapy room).

Video Calls

I also provide one to one sessions via video calls. For video calls to work well, can I invite you to consider the following areas:  Do you have a space where you can speak confidentially and without interruption? Do you have a computer or device large enough that we can see one another? Is your internet connection fast enough so that we can speak without delays? Is your microphone working correctly?

First Session

Our first session is an opportunity for us to introduce ourselves. I will share with you how I work and you can ask me any questions. I will also be keen to understand the reasons you are coming for therapy and goals and expectations you have. As we talk together, I will ask you to pay attention to how you feel in the space with me. At the end of the session we can share some feedback and mutually agree if we will continue working together. If you feel that therapy isn't for you or that I'm not the right therapist for you, I can guide you in finding alternative support.


We all have different schedules, however we will talk together to try and find a suitable day and time. I work during the daytime and also have a number of evening sessions available. If our availability doesn't match when you first contact me, I am happy to place your details on a waiting list and contact you when a time becomes available. Alternatively, if we both feel that it would be helpful for you to begin therapy more immediately, I will support you in recommending another highly qualified therapist.

How often will we meet?

When beginning counselling and psychotherapy, I recommend meeting initially once a week. This is to facilitate our relationship and will enable me to learn about your experiences and expectations so that I can best support you. We may later decide to meet alternatively according to your needs. Our weekly sessions are up to 60 minutes. Please note that I am happy to work with you and provide some flexibility according to your specific needs.


My fees are 55.00 € or £50.00 per 60 minute session for one to one therapy. Payments can be made by cash (to be paid at the start of our session) or via Internet Banking. I will send you an invoice following our initial session and then at the end of each month.


I understand that sometimes we need to cancel or rearrange scheduled appointments. If this is the case, I ask that you provide me as much notice as possible and a minimum of 24 hours notice. This allows me to rearrange my schedule and offer you an alternative session. If you provide me less than 24 hours notice, please note that I will charge you for the full session. If you have any questions about the cancellation policy, please get in touch.


Confidentiality is key to our working together. I will honour you and what you share with me. To ensure that I am working ethically and keeping to my professional standards, I meet with my supervisor (a highly experienced psychotherapist) at least once a month. I share my client work with my supervisor, who is also bound by a confidentiality agreement. Please be aware that professionally I do have some limits to our confidentiality agreement. I will ask that we discuss these further if we decide to meet together. Any limits are for the safety and well-being of yourself and other individuals.

Asking questions in therapy

Perhaps you are unsure what the therapeutic process is or what it will look, sound or feel like. During a session I may ask you a question and perhaps you're wondering why this is important. If you find yourself in a moment of not understanding - Please ask me. Your question may invite a meaningful conversation to help us better understand one another and find connection.

Self Care

When booking a session with me, can I invite you to consider the time you spend before or after a session. I know it can be difficult to juggle various appointments and the temptation may be to jump straight into answering the phone or back into work. Therapy will most likely bring some emotions to the surface. If you can prioritise time just for you - to go for a walk, sit in a coffee shop, go for a drive - you can develop your self care.